Pop-Up Shop Social Contribution

The original concept for a Pop-Up Shop was based on Japanese consumer culture and its devotion to rare and limited edition products. Over the past decade pop-up culture has taken cities across the globe by storm, the pop-up phenomenon has been promoted as a way to regenerate high-streets in the aftermath of the 2008 recession, and to provide rates-relief to landlords encumbered with vacant properties. There is a great amount to be gained from Pop-Up Shops, not just in a business sense but also as a social contribution to society.

There are many ways the local community you choose to set up your Pop-up shops can benefit.

  1. Most people who set up Pop-up shops possibly already have an online shop and maybe even teach some workshops in their spare time or take part in workshops to improve their skills, why not use your shop as a space to teach while you are there. Use your skills and share them with the local community, it’s also a great way to get to know people and an even better way to get people into your shop.
  2. You can use your Pop-up as a space to share the story of how you went about setting up your shop, along the way you are going to learn a great amount of lessons, why not share your knowledge with your peers, you may also learn something new too!
  3. If you are having trouble meeting costs of rent why not sub-let some of your space to other makers. Build your community. Share your space, it may also be better to have 2 or 3 people involved, not only will your network hear about it but theirs too.
  4. Give back – Can you bring someone onboard to give them some experience in the world of Pop-ups? Perhaps in return, you could give them some space in the shop to sell their wares.

It can be hard when you are starting out with your Pop-Up so why not try and give back as much as you can, it might also benefit you too!

A workshop taking place in an exhibition space. Image courtesy of www.pexels.com