Creative Collective Ireland

Creative Collective Ireland

Name of a promoter: Creative Collective Ireland

Years in business: 7 Years Approx

A brief history of the promoter

Set up by 2 craft people to bring small scale producers together to find ways to sell their handmade Irish Crafts.

Location of Pop-up shop (Full shop, Shared space, Market place, Shelf in a café, etc.)

Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin

Full Shop

Product – Give description (Quality, Size, Variety, Packaging, Quantity, Target audience, Have they tested this product before?)

A selection of good quality handmade crafts including jewellery, wood, handblown glass, ceramics, textiles etc

Does the shop or owner have an online presence? 

Creative Collective Ireland on Facebook

Online shop or social media?

If yes what is there following like do they engage much, offer giveaways, post photos or videos, what type of content, etc.

Post images of each participants work with their profile, particularly if coming up to another event.

How did they advertise the Pop-up?

Lots of A3 and A4 posters and leaflets. Sometimes managed to get a mention in the newspapers but has become increasingly difficult.

How much work was put into preparing the space?

Everyone arrived for set up with various shelves etc. and we put the shop together as a group.

Timeline of Pop-up – How long was it open for? 3 weeks per year

Did they make a profit/loss? (Price per unit?, Sales promotion?, Shop presence?, How long for dispatch if online shop?)

Small profit, approx. €250 per week

Did they reach a bigger audience? – No

Was there any wholesale interest? – No

Did they have any sales training or experience? – No

Any social media training or networking training? – No

If yes how did it help? – No

Would they do it again? – Yes

What have owners learned from this Pop-up?

People are prepared to pay more in a shop as opposed to a market.

Things to be considered for next time?

It’s very difficult a small scale producer of quality products to market their work.