Developing a Pop-Up Shop Helper in the creative sector

A pop-up shop is a temporary storefront space operated by an online merchant. Pop-up stores have become more prevalent in recent years and continue to grow in popularity. These short-term retail environments enable customers to experience products firsthand. E-commerce merchants often use pop-up shops to reach new customers and test out a physical retail environment.

Research shows that many in the creative sector are not perfectly suited to conventional schooling and learning processes. Many seem to struggle in the Logical-Mathematical -Linguistic based learning approaches that society favors. The Theory of Multiple Intelligences was developed in 1983 by Howard Earl Gardner and it was first published in his book Frames Of Mind: The Theory Of Multiple Intelligences. Its basis opposes the idea of a single dominant type of intelligence, and instead acknowledges the existence of multiple intelligences, that compose a unique blend in each individual.

PUSH project aims to develop a unique innovative entrepreneurial training product to help those in the creative/artistic sector to make the transition from creativity to commercialization. (To make a living from their work).

During the 1st transnational meeting which was held in Mullingar of Ireland, project partners: Mullingar Employment Action Group (Ireland), Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (Greece), DRAMBLYS (Spain), AKADEMIA LEONA KOZMINSKIEGO-ALK (Poland), VYTAUTO DIDZIOJO UNIVERSITETAS-VMU (Lithuania), ART AND EDUCTION RESOURCE STORE IRELAND -RECTEATE (Ireland), decided on guidelines will follow to successfully implement the activities and the tasks of the project. The first step is to develop a training course and associated Course Handbook for Pop-Up shop entrepreneurs.