Name of a promoter: Brainshot. Owner: Elisavet Latsiou

Years in business: 6 years

A brief history of the promoter

BRAINSHOT is a streetwear label with an ethos that everyone is equal and able to use fashion as they wish, away from social constraints and ephemeral trends. Each collection features a unisex approach with relaxed silhouettes of all sizes to ensure that no one is excluded. What makes BRAINSHOT special however is the designer’s innate need for unique creation and the various ways in which she strives to achieve just that. In each collection, Elisavet Latsiou, invites different artists from the fields of photography, graphic design and music and together they produce concepts that can be translated into beautiful clothing and prints.


Product – Give description (Quality, Size, Variety, Packaging, Quantity, Target audience, Have they tested this product before?)

  • Good quality, streetwear clothing minimal, unisex. 2 segments: Ready to wear, tailor made (costumization service Is also available)
  • Small business, side project
  • About 30 designs per season
  • About 50 pieces per design (limited)
  • 22-35 years old- unisex clothing (minimal, underground)
  • Yes

Does the shop or owner have an online presence? – Yes

Online shop or social media?

If yes what is there following like do they engage much, offer giveaways, post photos or videos, what type of content, etc.

Giveaways, campaign videos, influencer’s content etc.

How did they advertise the Pop-up?

Ads on social media (official photoshoots and campaigns with narration), posts, Instagram stories, Influencers, clients and friends (attends and posts)

How much work was put into preparing the space?

2 weeks before the exhibition/bazaar preparation of the production, packaging and promoting actions

5 days for the space, props and decoration

Timeline of Pop-up – How long was it open for? 1 day/ each event

Did they make a profit/loss? (Price per unit?, Sales promotion?, Shop presence?, How long for dispatch if online shop?)

  • Profit (economic and awareness, feedback from clients and bonding)
  • 20E up to 80E
  • Digital promotion (facebook and Instagram targeted ads, event invitations, influencers guest list)
    Shop owner presence: Yes
  • Delivery of the products: 2-10 days (depends on the country and the products)

Did they reach a bigger audience?

Yes. Gives the opportunity to bigger audience to find out information about your brand, philosophy and designs

Was there any wholesale interest? – Yes

Did they have any sales training or experience?

Yes. My first degree is related to economics and I also attended online courses and transnational meetings about entrepreneurship, sale policies etc.

Any social media training or networking training?

Yes. My MBA is based on marketing and media and my final thesis is specialised on Digital media campaign. I create 360 strategies for brand, tour guide and artists and curate their social media accounts.

If yes how did it help?

It helped to understand the behaviour of the costumers and how important is to know the special characteristics of your costumers, their activites, preferences etc. in order to define your segments and pursue them to visit your pop up store.

Would they do it again? -Yes

What have owners learned from this Pop-up?

How important is to meet in person your clients, create a relationship based in trust and give them all the needed information about your collections and your products. The feedback you take is very important as well.

Things to be considered for next time?

Well organised promo campaigns.

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