Name of a promoter: MiyakaBizu. Owner: Katarzyna Nowogórska

Years in business: 8 years

A brief history of the promoter

MiyakaBizu is a custom jewellery, accessories and clothes maker. Her creations are targeted for such subcultures like pastelgoth/nugoth/fairykei/decora/Harajuku. She gets inspiration from Japanese manga and anime as well new trends of odd jewellery with specific taste. She has started as part time maker when she was studying psychology. After some time she left her job at school and went into full-time maker. Since start she is selling her stuff via online platforms like Etsy or Sellingo. From time to time she runs pop-up shop at certain events like fandom gatherings or festivals. That’s how she grew her network of friends and co-creators. There was a time that they even moved into same flat (then house) to have better performance of creation and sales.

Product – Give description (Quality, Size, Variety, Packaging, Quantity, Target audience, Have they tested this product before?)

  • Good quality of pre-fabricated jewellery elements as well some custom made elements that are combined into final product.
  • Size varies of the item, from small earring to t-shirts and bags.
  • Up to 12 categories of products right now
  • Custom packages for each category
  • 300+ items
  • girls, teenagers and younger
  • yes the products are tested during events, basing on the feedback she decides what should be produced in the future

Does the shop or owner have an online presence? – Yes https://miyakabizu.sellingo.pl

Online shop or social media?

If yes what is there following like do they engage much, offer giveaways, post photos or videos, what type of content, etc.

She is posting regularly. There are pictures of the products, people with the products, influencers wearing her products, pictures from pop-up events etc.

How did they advertise the Pop-up?

She is doing only collaborations with other makers and keeps her community animated. The social media advertising was not working well in her case.

How much work was put into preparing the space?

At first it was trial and error way of preparing the place. After couple of events she has now a list of must-be items for starting the pop-up together with ideas of how to make the space attractive for the customers.

Timeline of Pop-up – How long was it open for? 1-2 days/ each event

Did they make a profit/loss? (Price per unit?, Sales promotion?, Shop presence?, How long for dispatch if online shop?)

Profit (economic and awareness, feedback from clients and bonding)

2Eur to 50Eur prices

Sales promotions for some products

Shop owner presence: Yes, often with second person for help.

Delivery of the products:2-10 days (depends on the country and the products)

Did they reach a bigger audience?

Yes, she have huge variety of customers, constantly coming new ones, and imitators which is the best indicator of success!

Was there any wholesale interest?

There was one offer of wholesale.

Did they have any sales training or experience?

Any social media training or networking training?

If yes how did it help?

There was no specific training for sales nor experience in such activities before starting the shop. She gained that during the years. The only pain she identified was legal and accounting training which was given her by her parents. Although that information are getting outdated rather quickly so she needs to follow up all changes.

She was thinking about social media training but due to hers big network of makers she gathers knowledge about mechanics of social medias and how to use it well from other people. She also claimed that they are organising group trainings for free, just on friendly conditions.

Would they do it again? – Yes

What have owners learned from this Pop-up?

Things to be considered for next time?

She learned couple of things:

  • Idea of who is a good helper during popup, it is not always about being well organised but also to be a social positive person
  • The way how the place should be prepared for different needs of customers (many sizes, point of interest, sales promotions)
  • How important is community and how great are the people that belong to it

For next time there can be considered things like automatization of sales (mobile app that speed up the process, mobile payment terminal etc.)