Name of a promoter: Jūratė.eu

Years in business: 

A brief history of the promoter

The trademark “Jūratė.eu” was registered almost 18 years ago. The creator from Lithuania went to live in Germany, but she did not want to forget her roots. She also wanted to make Lithuania famous, to present to the world the traditions of this country, aesthetics and quality of Lithuanian products. Mostly the products of “Jūratė.eu” are sold in e-shop. Right now “Jūratė.eu”, which sells Lithuanian designers ‘and foreign brands’ clothing, footwear and accessories, has stores in Vilnius city and Kaunas city shopping centres, but in the summers “Jūratė.eu” also establishes Pop-up shop in Akropolis, Klaipėda. Another 6 Pop-up shops “Jūratė.eu” opens every year with peak sales during the Christmas shopping season in December.
The creator shared, that the idea of Pop-up shops was to become more famous and to introduce clients with their production.
Another idea was to establish Pop up shop, to give the opportunity for their clients to buy their clothes and other production in the traditional way, as they have noticed that some clients like to buy in traditional way. So the founders of “Jūratė.eu” also opened some Pop-up shops. This idea appeared firstly in difficult times, when vacant premises in the Old Town increased, and landlords agreed to rent them temporarily – for a week or a month.

Location of Pop-up shop (Full shop, Shared space, Market place, Shelf in a café, etc.)

Mostly “Jūratė.eu” opens their Pop-up shops in market places or as well high streets during some events.

Product – Give description (Quality, Size, Variety, Packaging, Quantity, Target audience, Have they tested this product before?)

“Jūratė.eu” brand belongs to the category of home and lifestyle. These include desk, bedroom and SPA collections, as well as fashion trends that consist of clothes, scarves and handbags. The production is made from linen, sometimes together with the leather. “Jūratė.eu” also sells Lithuanian designers ‘and foreign brands’ clothing, footwear and accessories.
Jūratė.eu brand products are handmade and quite expensive. Their production are based on four cornerstones: the highest quality of raw materials, masterful craftsmanship, modern functionality and unique design.
While the “Jūratė.eu” team follows the fashion world news, the company does not follow “trends” – it creates clothes and items that will remain unique. Also, more and more clothing models are being launched for colder seasons from thicker linen, which successfully protects against the intense wind and cold. Creator shared that for many years, linen has been positioned on the Lithuanian market as a seasonal summer product, but due to its versatile properties, thicker fibber, linen is well suited for wearing during the cold season.

Does the shop or owner have an online presence?

Yes, they have the webpage: https://www.jurate.eu/

How did they advertise the Pop-up?

“Jūratė.eu” their Pop-up shops mostly advertised though internet.

How much work was put into preparing the space?

In their case, they viewed in a Pop-up shop in a creative way, as they didn’t went to completely bare premises. Some of their well-being were inherited from their former hosts. So they needed just to think about the accents.

Timeline of Pop-up – How long was it open for?

It depended on situation, from two weeks till one month, but mostly about two weeks.

Did they make a profit/loss? (Price per unit?, Sales promotion?, Shop presence?, How long for dispatch if online shop?)

In “Jūratė.eu” case, it is not the idea to make the profit of Pop-up shops. Pop up shops for them are one more way to advertise and to sell their production. They wanted to let their clients to buy in traditional way and to introduce them with their production. As they are more known abroad than in our own country.

Did they reach a bigger audience?

Yes, more people starter to know about “Jūratė.eu”.

Was there any wholesale interest?

Did they have any sales training or experience?

Any social media training or networking training?

If yes how did it help?

Yes, they had already sales experience as they had already e-traiding, as well some boutique shops.

Would they do it again?

Yes, they definitely will do this again.

What have owners learned from this Pop-up?

Things to be considered for next time?

This way allows to become for “Jūratė.eu” more famous at different places and cities and to introduce clients with their production. In addition, a Pop-up shop is like a market research about their clients: what kind of customer flows, what purchasing power, what interests their clients. The Pop-up shop allows “Jūratė.eu” to avoid long-term lease obligations.