Benefits of a Pop up shop blog post

Pop-Up-Shops are innovative and allow creative types to really showcase their talents and imaginations. Pop-Ups can benefit landlords and property owners, proving Pop-Ups to be a win-win venture for everyone. Some Pop-ups have been so successful they have extended their temporary status to full time. Below we have listed some of the benefits of Pop-up Shops.

The benefits of a Pop-Up Shop:

  • Generate income during temporary periods of vacancy
  • Flexible contracts with short periods
  • Encourage start-ups and retail in the area
  • Social contribution to the community
  • Reduced risk of vandalism and theft as the store or space is no longer vacant
  • Reduced the visual impact of dereliction in the town centre or rural areas
  • Increase footfall and attract new visitors to the town centre by providing a range of exciting businesses, activities and exhibitions
  • Offer reduced-cost space for community organizations, social enterprises and local business entrepreneurs to try out new ideas and reach new audiences
  • Showcase empty properties to potential tenants to help them re-let the space