Pop-Up Gaeltacht


Pop-ups come in all different forms and can be great for sharing experiences, promoting a hobby or even creating a space for people to speak their native language with others and in the process encouraging others to pick it up again.

According to the 2016 Census conducted in Ireland, 39.8% of the population are able to speak Irish but only 4.2% speak it daily.


Image Source:  https://www.cso.ie/en/csolatestnews/presspages/2017/census2016profile10educationskillsandtheirishlanguage/

So where can people go to speak Irish with others? A Pop-up Gaeltacht!

Mostly held in Cafes or Pubs, these events are attracting large numbers, in Ireland’s capital Dublin some events are getting up to 200 – 300 people attending.

Peadar Ó Caomhánaigh co-founder of Pop-up Gaeltacht wanted to create a relaxed atmosphere for speaking Irish and get away from the more pressured “conversation circle” concept. Most People remember learning Irish in school but not many actually enjoyed it, Pop-up Gaeltachts give people a chance to learn again and practice in a place with those who are enthusiastic about the language.

Pop-up Gaeltachts are happening all over Ireland now and for those living away from home who want to get involved Pop-ups are happening in Perth, Vancouver, New York and La Paz in Bolivia.

A simple Facebook search will tell you where your nearest event is happening.