How can Pop-ups help causes that matter?

Choose Love stores set up by the charity Help Refugees, use Pop-up shops to sell a range of items for refugees, including sleeping bags, emergency blanket and solar lamps.

Help Refugees started as nothing more than a hashtag. In August 2015, a group of friends wanted to fill a van full of donations and drive to Calais. Today they are the largest grassroots aid organisation in Europe, but still a group of everyday people, taking action to improve the lives of refugees. They believe that everyone on earth deserves dignity a place to call home and a chance to strive.

The charity now distributes to and serves more than 80 projects in Croatia, France, Greece, Iraq and Turkey among other places.

In 2018 Choose Love pop-ups opened up in London and New York around Christmas time. The idea is you can choose to buy anything from an insulated baby grow, a waterproof tent to medical care, these items are then donated to a person or family in need.

The store is split into three sections, each focusing on a different stage of a refugee’s journey: survival, shelter and the future.

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In 2017 the London Pop-up store and its online shop raised £750,000, which helped provide refugees with 800,000 meals, 3,556 nights of accommodation and 25,000 essential winter items for adults.

This is such a fantastic use of a Pop-up. If you have set up a Pop-up for a good cause please get in touch and let us know in the contact part of the website.

For more information and to shop at Choose love you can go here: ChooseLoveStore