Handcrafted beer and Pop-Up shops. Facing the challenge of the commercialization of microbreweries


In the last ten years we have observed an unprecedented growth in the production of craft beer. Today, microbreweries represent a growing sector that has not only consolidated its economic space but also maintains a high capacity for diversification in its environment. However, despite its high growth power, it faces different challenges in terms of production and marketing.

If we focus on the area of marketing, the characteristics of the product and the business model make this process one of the greatest challenges faced by microbreweries. The need for specialized marketing channels for a public that seeks quality and diversity, has made the artisanal beer develop its own strategy supported by very specialized models within the traditional distribution and sales model.

Specialized shops and “exclusive” establishments (tap rooms) for the consumption of artisan beer are two benchmark marketing spaces in the sector. Along with these, sector-specific fairs are especially important for microbrewers today.

However, pop-up shops can be effective tools to market artisan beers and open a gap in the current market. A very small sample of artisan breweries are already doing so. And the results show us that this model of temporary sales halfway between fairs and tap rooms can be another model of marketing (and distribution) of their products. Here you can find some advantages of the Pop-up shops:

  • Temporality: This may be the answer to the marketing of the different seasonal styles of artisan beer as new styles at the beginning of summer or at special times like Christmas.
  • Exclusiveness: Focusing sales on very few products that require specialized treatment (storage, cold control, service, etc.) facilitates understanding of product identity.
  • Access to specialized sales areas; Reach very specific commercial areas and get closer to end consumers interested in exclusive products.
  • Closeness to the customer: Deal directly with your customer and know first hand their opinion and improve your product.

And it seems to work, because industrial brewers have used this model to bring new styles of beer to market. Especially those brewed to compete with the artisanal beer market.

Pop-Up beer garden promoted Victoria Beer Society https://bc.thegrowler.ca/news/pop-up-beer-garden-coming-to-victorias-centennial-square-this-saturday/