Evaluating Your Pop-Up Shops Success

A crafter can learn a huge amount from their pop up shop, much more than just who crosses the threshold of the shop. Evaluating your pop ups performance can help you learn what you might need to do differently next time and whether a physical space is right for you and your product.

There are 5 ways you can review your data to tell your story:

  • Sales by customer
  • Sales by product
  • Sales by date
  • Sales by employee

Knowing each of these trends will help you make better informed decision.

Along with sales, it is also important to evaluate your marketing:

Some helpful tools you can access to evaluate marketing are:

  • Rebelmouse
  • Tagboard
  • Talkwalker
  • Iconsquare

However none of these can replace the value of talking to your customers face to face and getting their live feedback. These is a huge bonus from a pop up shop which you can’t achieve from online sales. So don’t overlook it’s value!